Compressport Total Full Leg Compression


The total full leg combine the efficacy of the R2V2 and the Q FORQUAD for compression that is perfectly adapted to the muscle needs of the thighs, knees and calves. Therefore, they perfectly meet the requirements of the many tour de France cycling teams as well as road cyclists and mountain bikers.

The New Assets of total full leg

The total full leg are designed using a new ultra-fine fiber, even softer and always flexible. They are so comfortable that is now possible to wear them all day / night!
Your leg will breathe and recover without inconvenience.

Compressport Total Full Leg Compression

Comfortable and functional

  • Thanks to the fine silicone band on the top of the thigh, the total full leg remains perfectly in place.
  • The toe box is not covered allowing to wear flip-flops or pro racing socks.

The total full leg are perfect for passive or active recovery throughout the year. In autumn, winter and spring, wear the total full leg as a pad. In the summer, you wear them under shorts for a maximum recovery after intense workouts.

A quick recovery and a sensation of strength during exercise

The total full leg retain all the benefits of the full leg: compression focused on strategic muscles for an immediate sense of maintenance and well-being.

  • Active recovery
    After exercise, they allow speeding up
    recovery, reducing the swelling of the legs
    and the appearance of muscle and joint pain.
    Your legs are fresh and rested, ready to
    repeat the exercise!
  • Active recovery
    Used during exercise, the total full leg allow:
    • absorbing shock and vibration,
    • quickly removing lactic acid,
    • delaying muscle fatigue to improve
    venous return and oxygenation of the

The total full leg are appreciated both by cyclists on the road or mountain bikers, crossmen and endurance riders for their recognized efficiency in recovery: the legs are rested in record time.




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