How to choose the best calf sleeve for you?


Every year, since the launch of the first R2 in 2008, COMPRESSPORT® has continued to innovate in the calf sleeves it offers to both professionals and amateurs, adapting to their needs and matching their ambitions.

Apart from the individual features of the products, you should choose the calf sleeve based on your athletic profile. Take into account your level of training, the intensity of the work out and the desired physiological benefits. Find the calf sleeve which is just right for you!

  • If you have any muscular weakness, the R2V2 will obtain better protection against injuries for any level of training.
  • If the climate conditions are very cold, whatever your level of training, the R2V2 will be
    more adaptable than the R2 Oxygen. However, if the climate conditions are hot and humid, the R2 Oxygen will provide the necessary ventilation for maximum aeration.


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